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Ni Diaaaa..... Surat Anwar

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The letters shown here were sent to Soros through his address at the Soros Fund Management, 888, 7th Avenue, 33rd Floor New York, NY 10106.

Other than Soros Fund Management, the thieving currency trader who supports the progressive liberals also owns two other funds, namely the Open Society Institute (OSI) and Quantum Fund.

In Poland, Soros controls the Stefan Batory Foundation.

In the letter, Anwar in his capacity as the honorary president of AccountAbility seeks Soros’s permission to see his (Anwar’s) boss, Simon Zadek, who is the Chief Executive Officer of AccountAbility.

Both Zadek and Anwar are board members of the Advisory Board of Generation Investment Management (GIM), which is an investment company owned by Al Gore.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss collaboration between AccountAbility and Soros Fund Management.

“I am convinced that your and AccountAbility’s work are closely aligned and hope that you are of the same view.

“If so, might I suggest we take the conversation forward in exploring practical areas where collaboration might be appropriate,” wrote Anwar. - sumber AIDC

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